October 2, 2013

God is good.

I don't know why I ever doubt the Lord. Time and time again he shows me his constant love and over and over I forget and look elsewhere and despair about things. Today I was reminded just how good God is and how His timing is perfect. It wasn't a particularly glamorous moment, it was a small thing as I did my Bible study on Ruth in the laundromat.

Today something was laid on my heart again and I decided to address it with someone I love dearly. I was anxious about their response but prayed that their heart would be open to what I said. As I was worried about this I was sitting doing my study as I waited for my clothes and part of today's lesson had something about exactly what I brought up. I felt that it was a sign of encouragement from God that I did the right thing in addressing the issue.

I realize I'm being very vague but this is such a personal issue for me that I wanted to only share a part of it. I do know that God heard me and opened up their heart to me and their response was positive. I am beyond thankful to God for that, I know that was all Him.

I took some notes today and this is what I wrote down:

It's not just our willpower but strength we find in the Lord.

Only a love for Christ will sustain a long-term commitment to obedience.

Find JOY in the trials we face because when we pass the test we receive the crown of life.

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  1. Yes yes yes! To all of this! I'm glad you had the courage to confront the issues on your heart with someone today. That is such a hard step to take but definitely a rewarding one. God's timing is so perfect, and His strength is sufficient for us.


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