October 1, 2013

Happy October!

{beautiful sky Monday morning driving back from dropping Kafi at the airport}

Part of me can't believe it's October already, and the other part is just excited because it means we close on our house at the end of the month and this living in transition will come to an end! Thank goodness, I can't wait.
This morning Finley and I started out October with a trip to the vet for his shots and a stop at Starbucks drive-thru for an iced coffee. He was such a trooper getting his shots and he really is doing much better at listening and going to the bathroom outside! 

Usually I have a fall bucket list but this year I think I'm not going to put pressure on myself to do things since we have so much stuff to do to prep for moving into the house. And fall down in Florida is different (I was just at the beach after all) so I want to just play it by ear. But I do have a list of things I am excited about for this month that I want to share.

Do you have a fall bucket list? I hope it include pumpkin carving and apple picking!!!

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  1. Congrats on moving into your home! That's such exciting news!!! Sounds like you have a fabulous October ahead. Love your blog, and I'm looking forward to your updates.. I'm a fellow Sunshine Blogger, by the way, and it's always nice to read about fellow Floridians! Stopping by from the First Friday blop hop :) Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

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