October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Dave, I'm really excited for some down time/alone time together this weekend.It's been nice having friends visit but I'm ready to get back to just us for a while.

 Dear blog fantasy league, I'm currently in 1st place and it feels awesome. It may only be because Dave reminds  me to check my other league's line up (which I'm in 2nd by the way) but that's ok, I'm still making the picks. Yeeeee! Dear Spaz, let's Skype soon. I miss talking to you and we have wedding stuff to go over. Dear Judy, Thank you so much for Finley's new blanket. He loves it. He now brings all his toys onto it and plays with them on there.
{Finley the hoarder //  fam pic}
Dear Tera, love you lots-you know! Dear Katie P, Thank you for your prayers and doing this Bible study with me. Can't wait for us to find some time to FaceTime and get each others thoughts on it. Dear Christa, Thanks for checking on me this week about the hardships of puppy hood. So glad blogworld introduced us! Dear Government, there is a reason I don't like politics and refuse to vote anymore. Grow up and act like adults and if you can't do that at least don't get paid like everyone else. I'm so grateful to be out of DC during this time. Dear God, you are so good. Dear friends, have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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  1. Stopping over from Friday's Letters! Your puppy is the cutest! He just looks so cuddly! I have never understood the fantasy football thing but congrats on first place!!

  2. You're too sweet!! I know the puppy stage is tough. I hope you guys have a great weekend!


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