October 7, 2013

Bully Stick

You might think I'm talking about something a school bully uses to beat kids with. No. I'm talking about one of the most disgusting things my dog likes to chew on. And before I  get started, I just want to say that even though it may be gross I am all about it because it keeps the little fur ball occupied and happy. So let's get down to the dirty dirty on the bully stick.

What is a bully stick made out of you may first ask?

Bull pizzle.

Oh yes, I think I may have heard of that before.

Have you? Have you really?

Because bull pizzle = bull penis. Yes, I let my dog chew away at a 12 inch bull penis stick. And he loves it. Dave and I now lovingly call it his "dick stick". {insert laughter here}


the penis of an animal, especially a bull.
a whip made from a bull's pizzle.
1515–25;  probably < dialectal Dutch pezel  or Low German p─ôsel,

Before we got Finley I had read a couple of things about how bully sticks are potentially bad for dogs and high in calories, and I was adamant that I wouldn't give him one. But a friend of ours gave him a gift and one of the things in it was a bully stick and before I knew it he was going to town. I hadn't seen him so focused on anything since we took him home so I let him have it.
{going to town-nom nom}
I've had too many funny conversations about this chew stick that I couldn't not share it with you all. We also have given him deer antlers as another organic chew toy which he likes just as well. But antler doesn't have the same ring as dick stick. I mean, come on, you gotta love it.


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