September 17, 2013

Things I've taken for granted...

but promise not to once we get in our house.

washer and dryer-$2.00 for a load, are you serious? And I have to lug our overflowing laundry bin to the local laundromat (and we all know how creepy those are).  It's inconvenient and sometimes the clothes aren't fully dry because I stuff so much in the machine and don't have the quarters to run the dryer again. oh well.

couch-I miss sitting in a regular position and not the laying in bed propped up kind of way. I'm also excited for some separation from sleep room and living room.

Table- I've forgotten how nice it is to sit in a chair and put my food on a table. Right now I either eat standing up at the counter, sit on the counter while eating, or sit on a fold out chair and eat off a plastic bin. I 'm excited to get our new dining set (which is gorgeous btw) and have a legit place to sit and place food...and napkins. Oh how I miss eating civilized.

{one of my laundry room inspirations}
Living this simply has really shown me that we can live with very little as long as we have a roof over our heads, the necessities to live, and each other. I hope and pray that when we move into our house I am grateful every single day for everything we're blessed with.


  1. The laundry thing drives me nuts as well. Can't wait until E and I have our own instead of the communal apartment ones. It's true though, moments like that make you realize just how blessed you are!

    Ps. Finley is so cute I can't get over it :) Keep posting vids, I love them haha!


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