September 16, 2013


This weekend we added our new addition to our little family. We showed up and there were two boys left. The breeder had decided he wasn't going to keep one for himself so we were able to choose between two puppies. I couldn't, but once I saw the look on Dave's face as he was playing with the two I knew which one he wanted. We didn't think we would get the one we actually did, we were sure the couple before us would pick him, but they didn't! So we ended up taking home the puppy that Dave fell in love with the first time we visited.
We'd like to introduce you to...

{our first family photo}
 We are crazy about him already and think he's done a pretty good job so far.I can't imagine how traumatic it is for a little baby puppy to leave his brothers, sisters, and mom to come to a strange place where he has to sleep alone. Yet he did pretty good for his first night and only had to be taken out for the bathroom twice with no messes in his crate. There was a bit of whining and crying (that broke my heart) but I know that it's better for him and us in the long run to let him cry and learn that he's ok on his own now.
{really? i don't think i like this collar thing}
 Dave is really amazing with him and it's really sweet how loving he is towards him.
{all tuckered out from playing}
Lots of changes for us this week as we add Finley to our family and deal with all the puppy things as well as me starting my new job at the Loft today.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


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