September 13, 2013

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday friends! I love doing these Friday's Letters so today I went all out-I guess I have a lot of things to say that aren't related (perfect for these posts).
{my beautiful new art work from Katie}
Dear puppy, I can't believe TOMORROW we get to take you home. Thankfully the date has moved up a couple of days and will now ensure that Dave and I can spend the first couple days of having you together. Dear Dave, I am so excited and I can't wait to take our first family picture (Thanks Katie for the reminder). Dear friends, thank you for planning trips to come visit me. You're going to make September go by quicker and I can't wait to see your faces. Dear King Size bed, even though you're not Dave and my bed I'm so excited to sleep on you! OMG sooooo comfy. Dear Mom and Dad, don't think about the fact that Dave and I have your bed before you guys...just don't go there. haha Dear life, you're going to look a little different now that we'll have this energetic little fur ball running around. Dear Lauren (yes, I'm talking to myself), try not to lock yourself out of the house again with no phone so that you have to sit out by the pool and then retreat to your car once it starts raining and lightening and then sit in the garage with the door open because you can't breathe in the car anymore. Yea that happened yesterday and of course it was a day Dave happened to have to work a little later. 2 hours outside, thank goodness I had magazines in my car. im.a.dumbass. Dear Katie, thank you for my beautiful gift. I can't wait to put it up in my craft room-it's such a great reminder and sentiment. You did a beautiful job! It even led me to make a list of what I was thankful for yesterday as I was locked out of the house instead of being mad. Dear Dave, I love you, I love how silly we are, and how much fun I always have with you. Dear house, you're coming along! The outside is being prepped for paint and the inside looks like a real home. We even have nice walls and closet and bedroom doors! Can't wait for the flooring to be put in.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. there are doors! awesome! best of luck tomorrow. can't wait to see photos!


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