September 4, 2013

never again

We are banned from buying anything from Arhaus ever again. The store hasn't banned us but Dave has and rightly so. This weekend we drove two and a half hours to Naples where the closest Arhaus was for their 20-40% store wide sale. I've been wanting the console table above for a long time for our entry way and we thought that since they were having such a great Labor Day sale we should take advantage since their products are sooooooooooo overly priced. When we got there we found the table I wanted and went to check out. The sales associate that was helping us told me should could give us 5% off for a little smudge on the table that wouldn't come off. I believed that would be on top of the store wide discount, however when she rang up the total it was the only discount that was on the table. Apparently their "store wide" sale only was on upholstered furniture and throw pillows. We still ended up purchasing the table because it's something I had really wanted for a long time and we know exactly where it's going to go. 

After looking up multiple locations of Arhaus on the Better Business Bureau website they either got F or D ratings and had a lot of reviews that were from dissatisfied customers. Needless to say we won't be going back. When telling my parents this story my dad told us about a situation he had at Linens and Things and he hasn't been back in 25 years. If I know my husband like I do I'm pretty confident we'll never step foot in another Arhaus store again.

Do you have similar places that have left a bad taste in your mouth that you won't go back? Or are we just crazy?

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  1. Sounds like a repeat of the Marlo furniture saga to me! I've got your back. I hate arhaus! ;) Cute table though!


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