September 5, 2013

life lately-new keys

Life lately has been so rich and busy. Even though it's a short week due to having Monday off for Labor Day we've seemed to jam pack it and I haven't really had a moment to sit down and gather my thoughts to write. Sorry-I know how you live for these posts! ha Anyway, we spent Monday hanging out with my family at the beach (girl time) and on the golf course (man bonding time together). The rest of the week has been prepping for our move into my parents new place. And yesterday my parents closed and got the keys to their new home!
{A rainy day I did a drive by of their house}

{They're pool people now}
Of course the day was perfect and sunny up until they were able to get in the pool. Thankfully they had a few minutes of pool time before the storm rolled in with the most amazing lightening I have ever seen. Dave met us there after work and we took the tour, got instructions on maintaining their pool when they're not there, and sat on the floor talking. It was fun and I was reminded of my childhood when every year or two we would move and have an empty house for a couple of days. I always liked the empty space, because it meant we had more quality time as a family (and sometimes I was allowed to roller blade in the house!). There's not much to do when nothings hooked up or anything. So as we all stood in the kitchen eating our delivery Chinese food I was really thankful that my parents decided to move down here. CONGRATS on the house guys-we'll take good care of it!

And for anyone else thinking about a change-I hear Florida is nice and has some great people living here!

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