September 24, 2013

House Update

{tile-with spacers, that's why it looks weird/ tile with the kitchen}
{final paint color/ kitchen cabinets/master bath/front tile}

The house is coming along and we're really excited about it because we now have a CLOSING date! October 30th, we'll get the keys to our brand new home and will start the process of moving in. It feels like it will be forever until we're in there with our stuff (couch and bed---oh how i miss you) but the days have been flying by and I'm sure before I know it we'll be in our house.
 As we slowly see things come together I'm 100% sure that we picked all the right finishes and I can't wait to see everything else get in the house. Can you think tile is sexy? Is that weird? Oh well, I'm all about it and so is Dave!


  1. awe now i'm anxious for the end of next month already for you too!

  2. Everything is looking great so far!

  3. YAY! That's awesome you guys have a date now :) Makes it feel even more real I'm sure! I love the floors you guys picked out, they're beautiful!


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