September 20, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Finley, we've had a rough first week huh little man? You've learned come and sit and have gotten better at whining at night, but you've also had a couple of shit storms in the house (thank God for Florida tile) and now have a cold. It's been a love/annoyed relationship this week, but ultimately love wins out and I'm glad we added you to our family even if I am tired and missing the days when I didn't pick up crap on a daily basis. Dear Dave, I have fallen more in love with you this week. You are so sweet and loving to Finley and me. You take care of me when I break down and pick things up when I just can't carry them anymore (figuratively speaking y'all) We make a great team and I appreciate how you take care of us and acknowledge all my hard work too. Dear Nicole, REUNITED and it feels so good! Can't wait to show you around Tampa and have a weekend together again!!!! So stoked to have a friendly comforting face down here. Dear LOFT, I'm liking working there. It's fun to talk to grown ups again and to have fun styling women's wardrobes. Dear House, you're looking great! We have cabinets, the house is painted, and I'm pretty stoked about having a closing date! Oct 30th can't get here soon enough!Dear Spaz, I adore your Save the Dates!!! I can't believe my baby sister gets married in 6 months. Wow.

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