August 21, 2013


I have a tendency on here to spin everything in the best light. I think sometimes it's because when I'm down I don't know how to exactly explain what I'm going through so I pick and choose what I share. Granted my life is pretty good so there's a lot of good to share there, but sometimes things are just plain sucky. This past weekend was one of those sucky, hard times. Although this has been a planned move and Dave and I were both excited about it, it's still hard. I've left behind some amazing friends, a full time job where I made good money, and the feeling of being connected. I know that it's a matter of time to meet people and get connected and I have to give myself grace to do so (thanks Spaz for the reminder!).
My mom sent me this book this week and it's really helping me with looking at the move in a different perspective. It's helping me with not expecting Florida to be just like DC, to cling to God and my faith and not the past, and to not feel like a crazy girl for struggling and sometimes crying.
I am happy here but I still feel misplaced a little and I think it will be that way until I truly get plugged in and we're in our home.
I ask that you be praying for me and for Dave as we are in the midst of this transition.

BUT things are getting better. I have a part time nanny job lined up that I'll start next week. I had a play date with a friend and her daughter at the zoo yesterday, and I have a beach date today with a fellow blogger. I have the love of an amazing, patient man and in the end that's what really matters.

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