August 20, 2013

House Update

There has been so much progress made on our house over the past few weeks since I last updated here. It seems like every time we go to check on the house we find new and exciting things.

{stairs, roof, 2nd story!}

A week ago we went to the house and were overjoyed that we had a front door and that the windows were installed. This isn't the final color of the door but still it just makes it seem so much more real. Like, "welcome to our home" is around the corner!
{windows, roofing, Dave workin his magic}

We had our pre drywall inspection on Monday and everything looked good. We even had a third party inspector come out to meet us on Saturday to check it out before hand and he said things looked good too. We're excited that they'll start putting up dry wall this week, but I still can't believe that before we know it we'll be in our house. Dave had a two day window to put up an antenna in what will be the attic space and run the wires so that we can have free cable and no wires showing for wall mounted tv's. He worked really hard and I'm so thankful to have such a resourceful and smart man for a husband.

Can't wait to show you drywall progress later this week. I'm sure it will really feel like a home when I can't see through walls anymore!


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