August 16, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear week, you've been good to me without Dave. I've kept busy and have had lots to do. Dear 3 songs, you are my summers jams and I keep playing you over and over. I'm obsessed. Anyone as gaga over I want Crazy (Hunter Hayes), Everything has changed (Tay Tay Swift), and Love Somebody (Maroon 5) as I am? Dear Kristyn, I'm really excited for our brunch meetup this morning! Dear Dave, I'm so glad your first week went well! I love and appreciate all your hard work for us. Dear house, we have our walk through inspection on Saturday with a 3rd party person and then on Monday with our Construction Manager. I'm so excited-it's moving along! Dear Spaz, I'm really happy to be "in charge" of a bunch of things for your wedding. I'm so glad you trust your big bossy sister to get it done. Dear late night callers, I guess it's not really your fault since you thought Dave's new work cell number was an escort service. To be fair when he looked up the number it was in fact a escort service in Orlando! He thought they were pranking the new guy, but nope. Fun way to break the ice at the new job though. haha

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Oh my on the phone number, that should lead to some interesting calls for sure.

  2. Love the summer jams list...some of my favs too!


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