August 22, 2013

Food Trucks


{where I ate: Two Asians and a Grill // the beautiful clouds}

Sometimes I'm reminded just how small the world can be. Dave and I met up with my sister's roommate from China (see....small world!) to go to this food truck rally in Tampa a last week. Every third Thursday of the month all these food trucks gather together in Tampa and people show up to eat, hang out, and watch a movie they provide. I thought the food portions would be smaller and allow me to try a bunch of different trucks, but once I ordered my noodles with chicken there was no way I was going to be able to eat anything else. I'm excited to go back again and try something completely different next time they have the rally, and maybe we'll stay for the movie too.

{Dave ordering his food}

Dave ate at The Dude and His Food truck.

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