August 26, 2013

randomness of the weekend

In preparation of our puppy I went out and bought some of the fun know a cute basket where I'm sure his toys and stuff will never actually end up and some fun toys. And poop bags, I know we'll need those.

We spent all day Saturday at the beach where we met this little guy, saw two manatees literally like 20 yards from shore, and stingrays. Above is my first attempt at a timed iphone picture which didn't turn out so great, but that's ok. Sorry to everyone that follows me on Instagram, but you're getting all repeats today. My brain is too fried from my first fantasy football draft last night and too consumed with the one for tonight (yay Nadine!) that I couldn't come up with anything clever or new.
{Dave with his game face and me with too much optimism at my drafting skills}
Hope you all had a great weekend and to everyone in the blog league...good luck!


  1. Wait, how did a miss the puppy news? so behind..

  2. I LOVE the puppy stuff!! My only advice would be to only buy stuffing free toys. Thatcher eats the stuffing and gets really sick, so we finally just cut out any toys with stuffing. I am sure your Golden will love toys!! They all seem to!

  3. ooh puppy coming?? what kind? and yes poop bags for sure, it comes with the territory :-)

  4. I'm so excited to see your puppy!!!! Looks like such a fun weekend, I'm so glad you finally got to see manatees too, that's awesome! ;)


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