August 28, 2013

Why I hate blogs sometimes

1. Pictures in alleys and railroad tracks
I'm not a fashion blogger. I'm pretty conservative in my life with clothes, and sometimes I honestly don't "get" fashion.
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I mean for real...what is this?
I don't like mixing stripes with florals-to me it looks like you straight up rolled out of bed with a hangover and threw on whatever you found laying around. Maybe it's that I'm not with it but I don't think anyone honestly cares what I'm wearing. Plus if I asked my husband after a long day of work to follow me around town to different abandoned locations to take pictures of me in outfits he would tell me I'm crazy. So mad props to those women that have someone to follow them around with a camera!
This was my one attempt on fashion blogger. My friend Katie talked me into it when we were in Chicago as we were walking around. Doesn't it make you want to go buy a new hand sanitizer to hang from your purse, or a Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate?

2. bumpdates
It's just because I'm jealous. I pray that one day I'm annoying like that too.

3. giveaway's
In order to win you have to follow 2723356 new blogs on bloglovin, twitter, and facebook. Needless to say I never win and I like winning.

4. the green eyed monster
It's hard when bloggers put their lives out there for viewing. We have a tendency to put our  happy and amazing things out there, because why would you want to write about a craptastic day? So it can be hard to see home makeover, new wardrobes, pregnancies, travels etc.

5. competition (from the hubby's viewpoint)
It's so true. This is in real life too and it's something I've been working on.


  1. I only enter giveaways if I really really really want what's being given away otherwise I don't want to follow half the world and blogs I don't even want to read.

    I did win my first giveaway last week and it was pretty exciting but that doesn't mean I've gone off the rails and entered every giveaway I've seen since.

  2. I wish fashion blogging would go in a hole and die. The only blog I love reading daily style wise is Atlantic-Pacific. Other than that, it's all the same Celine luggage bag and Valentino Rockstud shoes, nothing new ever anymore. Le sigh.

  3. Number one cracks me up! My husband would laugh in my face if I asked him to take pics of me all the time! And I've decided that I only like certain giveaways... For the most part, I'm not a huge fan!

  4. So true. All of these things annoy me, too! I try to keep it real and write about the bad too, but sometimes it's hard because then you just sound like a Debbie Downer...


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