August 1, 2013


Monday, Dave and I drove to Orlando to spend the day at Disney. We decided to try Epcot for my first Disney World experience (apparently Disneyland Paris doesn't count). We explored all the rides, my favorite was the Test Track-which really just was like riding with my friend Walter in his BMW! Most of the rides there were simulator ones, which made me feel a little sick-but Soarin' was really neat. It's where you soar over California-the simulation is done really well. One of Dave and my favorite shows that we saw was Captain EO-where Michael Jackson sings and dances in 3D to save the universe. It was the original 1986 version and was hysterical to watch.
{I lived in Wurzburg Germany! // us-love the kids face in the background // Dave in Venice}
It was fun, but I'm excited to explore the other parks when friends and family come visit!


  1. How fun!!! I love that they have a part dedicated to Wurzburg!! You guys are just tooo CUTE!!!!!

  2. Looks so fun! This makes me miss disney so much!



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