July 23, 2013

House update

There is progress with our house! The weather here has been killing us, as it's been raining for some part of almost every day. That being said, it's been beautiful the past couple of days and they were able to block the house and will work on the second floor this week. It's exciting to see some semblance of walls for our home. Dave and I are having a great time down here enjoying the summer but at the same time it's hard to not have a place to call home and feeling so unsettled. Our hotel room is very small and we try to be in as little as possible. 

Yesterday we did a little running around in preparation of our home. We went back to the model of our house aka the house that made us fall in love to take some measurements. Walking into that home again was wonderful and Dave and I were reminded how much we love the layout. Today my mission is to order the flooring I want for the Master Bath shower floor. Dave's aunt has this amazing pebble natural stone tile in her bathroom and I love that look. What I want is a little expensive but you (should) shower everyday so it's worth a little splurge!

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