July 22, 2013

Family fun

It was a fun past few days having my family in town. It's been great getting to know my future brother-in-law and spending quality time with my sister who I never get to see. It's always interesting how even though we're adults we can revert back to teenagers when we're together at times. Dave is amazing at reminding me to be kind to her (I'm kind of bossy and can get short with her) and love her. For the most part I think we truly really enjoy being together and I feel so blessed to be close to her and have such a great relationship.
{my family}
We spent the past couple of days taking it easy; we went to the beach, walked, talked wedding talk!!!, took family photos, and made delicious dinners together. I'm hoping it was an easy transition for Nate to meet our family. Our family went to the Tampa Aquarium on Friday and had a pretty good time. It wasn't the best aquarium I've ever been too and I probably won't suggest it for friends that come to visit but I'm happy we went to see it. My favorite part was how excited my dad got at the penguin promenade show-he got so close to the penguin that the lady brought around back-it was pretty cool!

It was fun to see how in love my sister and Nate are and how well he compliments her. I'm excited for their future and I know he's going to make a great husband for her.

Happy Monday friends!

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