July 19, 2013

Friday's Letters-family vacation edition!

Dear Nate, it was so nice to FINALLY meet you in person. Thank you for letting me take this fun picture with you and my sister....you're just so tall! I'm excited to spend more time together the next few days.

Dear Momma, I loved our quality time at the beach together. It was crazy that we had the beach all to ourselves in the morning other than sharing it with some birds and that we only shared it with maybe 8 other people all afternoon. Dear Dave and Dad, I'm so glad you two had a good time together golfing. I love that my hubby gets along with my family and loves them almost as much as I do. I'm very lucky!
{the "kids"}
Dear Candy Crush, Dave and I deleted you a couple of weeks ago and it's liberating! Dear unplugging, I hope I never go back to being attached to my phone 24/7. I love the feeling of just being in the moment with the people that I'm with-with no distractions. Dear family, I love spending time with you all and miss getting all together on a regular basis. My heart is happy. Dear beach, I adore you. Dear friends, I know I haven't been that good at keeping in touch this week but I promise to be better when my family leaves :-(

Have a fun weekend!


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