June 13, 2013


I feel like I've started this post a million times in my head. And nothing I come up with even begins to cover the joy I feel when Dave walks in the door from work, when we get 5 extra cuddle time minutes in the morning, or the smell of him. There have been days these past two years when the only thing holding me together is him. I think we have a pretty private relationship and I love that. We talk to each other and tend to stay in our own little bubble when it comes to things about us. I like that, I like that we protect us first, that we don't allow others into our marriage. I protect it
fiercely as I should because it's the dearest thing in my life. 
With almost two years of marriage behind us I've reflected on a lot of things lately. I think we've both learned a great deal over the past two years, have grown closer, and are happier and more in love than the day that we married.
We're always going to learn things throughout our marriage and by no means do the things that work for us work for everyone else. But some of the things I've learned these past two years are:
Be Straightforward: We've always been big communicators but I've learned more about myself in this marriage than anything else. I've learned I can't say one thing and then get upset. I need to be straightforward when I say things. I can only be upset at myself if I tell Dave to "get out" and he does, when I really mean stay. If you want something, say it. If you need a hug, ask for one. Be up front and you won't have anything to be angry or upset about. It's a hard thing to learn, especially as a woman.
Touch: We are touchy people. We are always holding hands, snuggling, hugging, kissing. I think at times it gets obnoxious for friends but it's just how we are. If I'm upset, I just need to be near Dave. Maybe only our feet our touching sitting on the couch, but that contact can mean everything.
Get over it: I'm one to hold a grudge. We're in a fight? Yup, it'll last years. But in a marriage you can't do that. I had to learn how to swallow my pride to make things right. There's no score, you didn't win, so get over it.
What I'm trying to say here without sharing too much of what Dave and I have is that every day I love him. Even on days when he's annoying me, I love him. I think we do an amazing job and making each other a priority, letting the other know how special and needed they are, and lifting the other up. I'm so excited for the next journey in our marriage and I couldn't think of a better life partner to share it with. If everything else doesn't work out I know we'll be ok because we have each other and that is everything.
I love you Dave. Happy almost Anniversary!


  1. What a beautiful post! My husband and I have been married 2 1/2 years and I absolutely agree with all of your points. Especially the get over it one. SO hard for girls but absolutely necessary in marriage!

  2. congratulations!
    happy anniversary!

    perfect couple!

    have a nice weekend


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