June 14, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Sister friend (& Nate), CONGRATS on your engagement!!!! I'm so happy for you two. Can't wait to hug you this summer and celebrate together. 
{the happy couple}
{yup, wearing it inside}

{my sister's rock!}
Dear Dave, can we open our anniversary presents tonight? Pllllllllllease! Dear Justin, I'm pretty sure you didn't get a couple cards from me. Boys and not updating people when they move. Ugh-but I forgive you. Dear rain, please go away. All I've wanted to do is lay out at the pool after work all week and you're keeping me from doing that. Dear big floppy hat, I may be wearing you inside, but I'm trying to get used to being a "hat person." It'll look much better on the beach than inside on the couch in Maryland! Another great Eastern Market find. Dear Nate, great job on the ring. It's gorgeous and I know my sister will rock that bling! Dear work, you're increasingly getting harder and harder to go to. I can see the light at the end and I'm just ready to start my summer with Dave. Dear Aubrey, thank you for the sweetest random package. It made my day, you're the best! Dear Target, I don't know how you do it but you always suck me in. Can't wait to wear my new bathing suit. Dear dark under eyes, you're clearly seen in every picture and in the mirror. I don't know how to get rid of you. Tips would be appreciated ladies! Dear everyone, have a GREAT weekend!



  1. Lauren you are just too cute!!! I love that hat!!! Congrats Katie on your engagement!!! Target sucks me in EVERY time!!! One of my favorite parts is their $1 section by the entry... I almost always find something I don't need but have to have there!!
    I can't offer you any tips for under the eyes.. or I should say - I don't know any tips... however - the best concealer (that I have found) is Smashbox's camera ready full coverage concealer.... I don't often wear much make up -(blush, mascara, and eyeshadow or eyeliner) but when I do - I use that.

  2. AWE! congrats to the happy couple! and you should share which swim suit you got! :)


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