June 6, 2013

lip color

As I was perusing Pinterest last night (don't pretend like I'm the only one) I came across this chic girl- I mean how adorable is she! First off she made me jealous that she could rock those lips and not look silly, and two, can my hair grow any faster so I can top knot it up!
Anyway I got to thinking about my make up routine, or lack thereof, and decided that it wouldn't kill me to put in a little more effort. I feel bad for everyone that comes in in the mornings at work and is greeted by my face that has yet to be lit up by caffeine intake. Yikes! With moving to a new place, it gives me a chance for a fresh new start before meeting friends. Not saying that I'm going to change who I am but I could try and be a little bolder with some aspects. For example; I tried wearing some red lipstick at work a year ago and apparently some mean girls in the office called me "the joker". I feel like you can't switch things up on people once they think they know who you are, so maybe if I start fresh by mixing up my look people will be more open to it.

Dave's not the biggest fan of red lips either but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do to make herself feel pretty. 

{my last top knot-the day after our 2nd wedding. Me, hubby, Sister Spaz}

{My attempt at red lip, two Christmases ago. Me and my beautiful sister}

Maybe I'm too pale....thoughts?


  1. They all look great on you. i can do all the dark colors anything to light looks crazy on me.

  2. I think you can totally pull it off. I am not a makeup lady and so even putting on mascara or lip balm is a monthly (if that) occurrence. :)

  3. Girl!! You can rock any look, and by any look, what I actually mean is ANY look!!! You are beautiful and very classy & elegant - so wear the red lips, or the fuchsia or pink, or nude... and the top knot, or the side knot, or pigtails... you are awesome and can pull of ANY look! :)


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