June 5, 2013


People keep saying we're crazy. And maybe that's true, but at least we're crazy together. As our move to Florida slowly approaches and friends/acquaintances/co-workers ask about our plans and find out that in fact we don't have jobs down there (yet....but we're so close) or family, and know no one they call us crazy. Maybe I'm a little defensive at times when I heard for the 754854th time in a row that we're insane. It is going to work out. I have faith, and I have this love of mine beside me every step of the way. There's no way we can fail. Everything so far has worked out (praise the LORD!) and in time everything else will come together.
I have a tendency to worry, anyone that knows me might laugh because truth be told I'm a big worry wart, but thankfully all the things I've worried about lately have been taken care of. The Army will store our stuff for 6 months, we found a place to stay (without having to sign a lease) until our house is ready, Dave has some possible job offers coming his way, and I'm making contacts with people that can help with jobs as well.
I get defensive because I don't like it when people question our life decisions-unless we start a meth lab, then PLEASE stop me. This is a perfect time in our life to make such a big drastic life change. We don't have kids, Dave is transitioning out of the military,  and we're young and marketable. If we know where we want to be, why not? I'm blessed to have such an amazing man that is willing to take this leap of faith with me and I'm so excited for this journey we're about to embark on.


  1. YOU GO GIRL. I'm making a big move with my man as well and people always tell us we're just "taking on too much".....

  2. I hope everything goes smoothly my dear! :)

  3. I am baffled that people would actually tell you you are crazy for dreaming about something and going for it! I'm sorry that people haven't been more supportive of this awesome journey you and Dave are about to embark upon, but I know that it is going to be out of this world!!! To me, it's inspiring to see people go after something they want! It makes me want to go after my heart's desires too!! So go all out and chase your dreams! God is in charge and knows what He is doing!! :)

  4. People will question your life choices FOREVER. It's human nature because it differs from their version of the norm/reality. The best response I have is "well isn't so nice to know that you're not the one wearing this/buying this/doing this/believing that?"

    The more you're at peace with your own life and your own choices, the less you'll seek or care of approval from others, friends included. The only person who has to like what I do/wear/believe/spend my money on is me. :)

    1. So very true. Dave and I are happy and we're not hurting anyone so that's all that matters.


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