May 9, 2013

a little silly

Some days I just can't get my brain together to form an interesting, relevant, or meaningful blog post.
Sorry, I know how you all LIVE for them.
Last night I was on Pinterest (big surprise there) gathering ideas for our home to be and I came across this silly pin.
I still do this. Why? I'm not sure, but if I come home late, or am the only one in the house I definitely get a little creeped out. And why wouldn't a  psycho murderer hide in my bathtub? You have to check, it's the only normal thing to do. As for a plan, I guess I should develop one; maybe grab the plunger in case I need bonk him over the head. In the end if there ever was a crazy killer behind there I would just be so proud I was right and looked. I'd be all "YES!!!! I knew it. Got ya!"

 But what really scares me sometimes all alone in a dark house is when I sneeze. What if someone says "bless you". I mean it's such a normal reaction to say it. THAT is what really freaks me out.
Guarantee you'll think of that right after you sneeze at home alone next time.


  1. i just laughed out loud... i totally check behind the curtain each night. now i realize i need to have a game plan. thanks for keeping me safe.

  2. That's so funny! I've never had a shower curtain -- just glass doors -- so I never even considered looking for someone in there, haha. But I really hate being at home alone in the dark. That's never fun.

  3. Yup, do this every night I come home...just a little peak to make sure no crazies are lurking!!

  4. Ha!! Too funny, girl. I've never even thought of checking behind shower curtains!! Now I just might though :)

  5. Wouldn't the best idea be to sneeze with a bat in your hand so that if someone said "bless you" in what should be an event house you can clobber them...?

    It's genius.


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