May 8, 2013


Yesterday I played hooky (shhh don't tell). I took a personal day off work to hang out with my friend Brittney who is moving to California in the next couple of weeks with her husband. We had a lot of fun shopping for a friends baby shower, having lunch, and avoiding the torrential down pour outside as we wandered around Target.
{my crafty sign}

{A cameo inspired card with washi tape}
I think every once in a while it's nice to take some time for yourself. The weekends seem to be so busy that it's nice to be out and run errands in the middle of a work day.  What do you like to do when you're playing hooky?


  1. This just reminded me of how many personal days I have that I've got to use. Looks like I'll be reserving them all for post-June. Maybe I won't work the entire month of August? haha

  2. i like to SLEEEP! haha, i feel like i can never catch up! that and drink coffee and read a good book : )


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