March 28, 2013

spring salad

Thanks for listening yesterday. I just think sometimes we, as bloggers, need to talk about some issues and serious things. I'm all for decorating, crafts, and pretty things but sometimes life is sad and difficult and as community we should be here for each other during those times as well. Please still pray for the McConnell family.


Dave and I went to California Pizza Kitchen the other night and I wasn't in the mood for such a heavy meal so I got a Cobb Salad. Sometimes I forget just how good salads can be. You may remember my slight obsession with Nicole's pear salad a few months ago, and I have a tendency to stay stuck on something good without any variation (no wonder I get sick of things so fast). Anyhoo I'm all about these fresh ingredients that you add to this particular salad. It just screams spring to me-even though it's nowhere to be found here in DC still.
Have you ever wondered why it's called a Cobb salad? I always thought it was about corn on the Cobb, however corn is absent from the salad. So I got curious and since I'm planning on eating multiple of them this week I looked into it. It was created in 1949 at the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood. There seems to be some discrepancy about who actually invented it.  One version is that it was invented by the owner of the Brown Derby Restaurant Robert Howard Cobb in a late night kitchen raid. Apparently Cobb hadn't eaten until midnight and so went to his restaurants kitchen and threw all these leftover ingredients together and Voila the Cobb salad was born. The other version is that the Executive Chef, Robert Kreis invented the salad and named it after the owner. Either way it's delicious and I'm happy it was invented.

A good way to remember the ingredients is to use the acronym below.

 Next time I am definitely planning on adding bacon to it (everyone loves bacon), but since we were out at the house when I prepared these lunches I did without. It was still delicious though. I really think it's the blue cheese that makes it so tasty.
Do you like Cobb Salad? What's your favorite type of Salad to make and eat? For the original Cobb Salad recipe and dressing click here.


  1. this entry made me HUNGRY for a yummy cobb salad! Love the acronym... have never heard that before. can't wait to try making this salad on my own! :)

  2. mmm never had, but looks so good I'm willing to try! :)


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