March 27, 2013


I've wanted to write something since last week but just haven't known how. Then my best friend had her baby girl and I wanted to celebrate life rather than overshadow her joy.

letter to Derek
I've worked at Walter Reed for the past two years. At one point I was walking the halls of the hospital every day talking to Wounded Warriors and their families, checking in and seeing if they needed anything from my office. For 8 months straight I checked in with these families and got to know them pretty well.  I've loved watching Warrior's as they've progressed and have enjoyed seeing them come so far. I have gained admiration, respect, and perspective from their strength, courage and resiliency.  Last Monday we got word that one of the outpatient Warrior's had passed away. It was unexpected which makes it so much worse. It's hard to accept that he is gone when we saw him just the week prior with his sweet and upbeat fiance. They were close to going home after a long 20 months here at Walter Reed as both and inpatient and outpatient.  His memorial is today at work and his family and friends could use all the prayers you're able to send their way.

If you're moved to donate below is where you could send money to. All these organizations do amazing things for these Wounded Warriors and their families. From his Facebook page:

In lieu of flowers, Derek would have liked donations in his name to the following non-profits who gave him so much love and support:
Adopt a Soldier Platoon (
Operation Ward 57 (
Family and Friends for Freedom Fund (
Help Our Military Heroes (
4 Paws For Ability (


  1. Thanks for sharing! I actually learned about this through another Wounded Warrior who I follow along with through Facebook. Thinking about you today!

    1. Thank you. It was a rough day for a lot of us at work. But his memorial service was beautiful and his mother is an amazing woman as well as his fiance. Still please pray for peace for them.


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