March 26, 2013


Yesterday I woke up to about 3 inches of snow piled on the ground and on my car. I thought we would have the day off or at least a delay, but alas we did not. So I got to scraping away. As I was driving into work I just kept looking at the trees and how beautiful they looked with the snow on them. I made an effort to just ENJOY what I was given for that day, even though it was super cold. I think I also realized that I didn't quite embrace the last snow we had and with moving to Florida we won't be seeing this much anymore. At lunch we had a snowball fight and by the end of the day most of the snow was gone. And that's fine by me.

But seriously Spring, where are you?


  1. I still don't understand why there were no delays. I love your photo!

    1. Thanks! I love Instagram and all the filters, makes me feel like a photographer with minimal effort!


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