January 8, 2013

brand new start

I've been on a blog break for a good long while now. At first it was intentional, to give myself some real time together with my husband during our first Christmas together. And then after that it just seemed natural to not update. So here I am back at it again with a fresh perspective on things.
I have a feeling 2013 is going to be an amazing year for not only my husband and I but for my friends and family. So many new changes taking place (parents moving, best friend having a baby, girlfriends getting their own places, possible new job opportunities for other friends, etc., etc. that I'm really excited to see what unfolds.
I have some new things for this new year that I'm excited to integrate into my daily life and some loftier goals that I want to accomplish. For now they'll stay personal so that only I can judge myself if I don't do them, because by putting them out there I know I'll feel discouraged if I don't do it all. And for now 2013 is going to be a great year with a new outlook on things.
Along with that there's going to be a change to the blog. While there will still be updates about what Dave and I are up to I'm going to let myself not feel bad if I don't update everyday. I'm sure you'd much rather read a content that was heartfelt and thought of than something I just driveled together so that I could post everyday. Bound by Love will take on a different feel...hopefully it will be more fun and frivolous and less "this is what I did", because in doing that I will feel less competitive with others (which is a fault of mine).
HAPPY NEW YEAR friends, may you be blessed.
and try not to be so hard on yourselves with the new years resolutions.


  1. welcome back and happy new year!

  2. Yay! I am glad that you are back! I am excited to see what 2013 has in store for you guys! I for the first time ever, made goals for myself (instead of resolutions) and I posted about them... I was REALLY apprehensive to do so for the same reason- fear of judgement and fear of feeling pressure/stress if I don't complete them all. But I posted them anyways. I decided though, that if I can't finish them all, I have to own up to it (regardless of whether or not I posted them) and I'm not perfect- so I will just have to be more intentional next month when I make new goals. I can already tell you, I have failed on a couple of them... But I am trying... I hope you make January yours and that you have an awesome month!! Love you!

    1. That's all that we can do...try.
      Hope you guys had a great start to the year! Love you Aubrey!!!!


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