February 24, 2013

Back. again

Wow. Hi, Hello there. It's been a while. My name is Lauren, if you've forgotten. I've been away because things have been a little crazy here for us. Let's catch up shall we?

Dave and I took a few trips to Florida and decided to that Tampa was where want to be after we leave this area. We have a contract to build a house and are really excited!  This is us on our lot which is currently the parking lot for the model home....good story.

We threw a baby shower for my best friend Megan. Thank you Danielle for co-hosting with me. It was a perfect time and I think Megan had a good time and felt loved.

Girls night has dwindled down to 5 now that Tera has moved to Arizona to be with her boyfriend. As much as I miss her I'm really excited for this new phase in their relationship! Love you T.
my beautiful best friend and her adorable baby bump 
Then there was another baby shower for Meg up here in VA thrown by her family and in-laws. This baby is going to be so loved. I can't wait to meet her next month!
AND my best friend Aaron came to visit. I was happy to spend some time with him and my hubby together.

We've been busy figuring out the house, our move time, living life, and deciding that I'm going to go back to school to get my masters. But now I'm back and hope to update regularly. However I'm not going to stress myself about it. I tend to get competitive and this whole blogging world and so I'm writing this for myself, to remind myself that I am happy, I love my life and I don't need a million followers or 600 page views a day. I started this to keep our friends and family updated while Dave was deployed and I'm going to remember that. If you want to join with me....welcome.

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