December 5, 2012

Tis the season

This year I'm really trying to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas. Sometimes that feels like it's so hard to do with all the hurry and scurry for presents, talk of Santa, budgets, parties, etc. Having Dave home and being able to celebrate our FIRST Christmas physically together has me really savoring this time together and I'm acutely aware of how this is the year our traditions will start. I know you can't plan what traditions will be they just seem to happen over time but one thing I do want to continue is the advent calendar I've had since I was a little girl. I wrote about it last year, but I'm doing something different this year. Dave and I are now reading Celebrating Christmas with Jesus by Max Lucado every night before we hang up the ornament on our advent tree. I personally think it's good practice to get our minds in the right frame of mind every day while we lead up to Christmas. I like this book because it has a story about Jesus and then delves into why this story is important and has a little thought to think about. It's a short reading too which is good for Dave's attention span when it comes to this stuff.

I am reading two other devotionals as well because the one Dave and I are reading isn't giving me all that I want.
I'm reading:
Once-A-Day 25 Days of Advent Devotional
All is Calm: A Daily Reader From Thanksgiving to Christmas
What are YOU doing this Christmas season?

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  1. AHH! I need to put our Advent calendar that's just like that...But, this Christmas, I'm reading a chapter of Luke each night until Christmas (there are 24 chapters in Luke-and it's the gospel that's up for this year's liturgical calendar at our church). I think that when I get the Advent calendar from my parents, I'm going to read my Luke chapter then put up the ornament, like you mentioned.


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