December 4, 2012


Freshmen year....'04
I feel like I will always be learning, always be growing and that isn't such a bad thing. This past weekend after my Grams birthday party I took my husband to my college town of Slippery Rock where I attended Slippery Rock University. I haven't been back there in 5 years. Once I left I never looked back. College was hard and I don't really want to go back into every reason why but it was. It was hard to be different and to feel alone even while being immersed in a sorority.
So going back down memory lane with my husband and bestie Justin (one of the three people I still talk to from SRU) made me realize how FAR I've come from that place. How I've taken this life of mine and turned it into something. I may not have the most important or highest paying job but I'd like to think I make a little difference in people's days. I have friends and family that I love and adore. I'm stronger than I was, I'm more confident, and I didn't let those days break me. I found a man that I love more than anything and who loves me too. I  am HAPPY and life is good. It took me a while to get here but damn, if it doesn't feel good, this feeling of content.
For anyone going through something please know that it will pass, that you will find the sweetness of life again. You will be happy and this is just a season of life. My prayers are with you and I know where you are because I've been there too.
Life is good, you just have to fight through it to get there sometimes.

The best way out is always through.–Robert Frost

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