November 27, 2012


This past Saturday, Dave and I drove out to Homestead Farm (where I've
been apple and pumpkin picking for the past two years) to cut down our
first Christmas tree as a married couple! It was blast picking out the
perfect tree and we ended up with a super "healthy" tree. Compared to
all the little ones we picked one of the thickest trees . Out in
nature it didn't look that big but once we got it into our home it
took over an entire corner of the living room. It was such fun
experience, and one I'm sure we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

We then tackled decorating the house and had a bunch of fun listening
to the Christmas radio station on Pandora and putting things up. I got
a bit emotional while we were decorating because I'm just glad Dave is
home this year for the holiday's. Last year was so difficult but I'm
so blessed that we made it through it and that he is here to share
these special moments together.

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