November 26, 2012


Our Thanksgiving weekend started with a football game at Dave's work. Officers vs enlisted, and again the Officers took the trophy for the fourth year in a row. It was great to meet some of Dave's co-workers and to support him during the game.

me and my stud
The football game was the only thing we had to do before we could get on the road to Dave's hometown of Rochester, NY. We got in in time to go get me a garbage plate before going to his mom's house. Below is what they call a garbage plate, and although it doesn't look so appetizing at first, it's delicious. Home fries, macaroni salad, hamburger, onions, hot sauce, mustard. What's not to love?
Thanksgiving day was spent at Dave's aunt's house with all his aunt's, brother, cousin, girlfriends and some extended family. The  meal was delicious and we're always so happy to be able to spend time with family. It was a quick trip so we could come back home to see one of Dave's best friends and his 14 month old that he had yet to meet. It worked out because we got to see The Harrises twice and they were able to come to our house for dinner. Coming home early allowed us to be able to see my best friend Megan and her husband as well. She's so cute with her pregnant belly! Dave and I also had the time to decorate our house for Christmas....but I'll save that for tomorrow.

 I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.

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