October 30, 2012


Braving the weather so we could make Schnitzel!
YAY! Today is day two of Dave and me staying home from work because of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully we still have power and are just enjoying our time together. But just in case we have stocked up on bottled water and dry food. We have a flashlight at the ready, candles and matches but most importantly each other.  It's been fun to have an extended weekend together especially since I was down visiting my best friend on Saturday. We're snuggling on the couch, Dave's studying for his PMP test, I'm crafting, Call of Duty is being played, movies are being watched, and there may be some random dance parties.

Hope you all are staying safe and having a little fun of your own.

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  1. good to know you all are safe. hopefully this storm passes with little damage. stay safe and dance on!


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