October 25, 2012


This past weekend when we had friends in town we tried out a new restaurant in DC. Chris and Andrea like to look up places that Guy Fieri (remember him here) and his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives go to. We found such a place in DC and decided to try it after watching the episode online. After our day in DC we stopped in at Comet to get some amazing pizza.

The restaurant had a really cool vibe to it. All the tables were made to look like ping pong tables, there were people playing ping pong in the back of the restaurant and it had a kind of grungy look to it that was cool. We started off with the wings to share between the four of us. I'm a fan of wings but these things were amazing. If you go and just get the wings you won't be disappointed.

Chris got the stromboli which he said was amazing. Dave ate his bacon pizza right up and Andrea enjoyed hers as well. I wasn't the biggest fan of mine (can't remember what I got off the top of my head right now) but it was a fun place and I would go back to try something else. Also if you go save room for the tiramisu because Andrea LOVED hers and is apparently quite picky when it comes to tiramisu. So go check it out!

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