November 7, 2011

This weekend my mom and I were lucky enough to attend Operation Home Cooking at the DC Convention Center. Basically this was a show put on for military spouses as a thank you for all that we do to support our loved ones who serve. Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives was there as he is a big military supporter. He was hilarious and entertaining and did a demonstration for us. What was most special was getting to share this with my mom as two Army wives. This was my first real event as an Army spouse. I've always attended things with my family growing us as a kid but this was the first time it was about the role I play-an Army spouse. Not to say that growing up I didn't do my share of supporting my Dad or my Mom while he was deployed. I did, but that wasn't a life I chose for myself but one I was born into. Being a spouse of a soldier is something I chose to do, and that's the difference. While I embraced and loved being an Army Brat (an endearing term in our world) I didn't think I could be more proud to be something else, yet I am. I'm proud to be Dave's wife and regardless of rank or job I would still be just as proud. After the remarks by Dr. Biden, B. Smith, some Military Officials, and of course Guy Feiri, my mom and I went walking around the expo taste testing treats, and looking at all the vendor stalls. It was quite a turn out and a little overwhelming for me but I did take home some goodies. It seems to be all about the flavored salt so I purchased two different types of salt from the Salt Sisters , some olive oil (yum-o as Rachel Ray would say), and a basil plant. I'm excited to try some new things in the kitchen and hopefully not kill my basil plant. Any good crock pot recipes?

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