November 4, 2011


November is Military Family Appreciation Month and so I want to take the time to give a special thank you to Dave and my families for supporting us during this deployment so far. For his family for supporting him through West Point and his first few years in the military and for welcoming me into your family with open arms. Thank you to my family for helping me while I support my solider. You all help to brighten his days with the letters, emails, and care packages you send him. You are so great with helping me get through this and knowing that I have you makes it easier. I don't know what I'd do without our amazing families and you may not hear it enough, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to support us. We appreciate it more than you know.

{Dave and his wonderful mother Janet on our wedding day. She truly is amazing}

                 {Taken before Dave left, check out his sweet haircut}
*To everyone else that I haven't pictured here you know who you are and we appreciate everything but a post full of a million people's pictures would get old. And to our friends that are our family thank you as well. Love you all.

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