September 6, 2012


My Grams is very special to me. When I went off to college my parents were stationed over in Germany (where I graduated from high school) so I really didn't have any family nearby. Grammies was about an hour and 45 minutes away from Slippery Rock University and I would go visit her on the weekends. That one on one quality time gave us the special opportunity to become close and for me to really get to know her. It was a big difference from the visits I was used to with my family when my parents would talk to her and my sister and I would hang out and run errands.
Me and Grams a couple of summers ago
Grams missed the last step at my parents house the day after Dave and my ceremony down in South Carolina. She broke her humerus (which incidentally isn't very funny) in four places with some muscle tearing as well. What was even more unfortunate was that she broke her left arm and she happens to be left handed, so really needs help with most things. She had surgery last Friday and is slowly recovering. I'm lucky enough to be able to take some time off from work next week to fly and help take care of her while she recovers. She's been at my parents house for the past three weeks and my mom deserves a little time off to take care of herself. It's perfect timing because my dad will be out of town for work, and my Grams can depend heavily on me to help her with her exercises, meals, showering etc.
So Grams I'll be seeing you soon!

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