September 17, 2012

Catch Up

Whew. I feel like I've been going, going, going lately. I flew back home late Wednesday and went back to work the next day. This weekend I spent some much needed (and missed ) quality time with Dave. I was glad to help my parents and Grams out last week but it was a little tiring.
Here are some highlights since I last blogged:
  • Grams got her staples out and is doing AWESOME with her exercises.She's such a trooper.
  • Being down there I was able to give mom and dad some alone golf time.
  • My oldest friend Gwynn came over to my parents to help me and my mom make football shaped cake pops for a senior spouses meeting.
  • Dave and I went to Great Falls, MD and enjoyed walking around in nature.
  • We had a little date night.
  • He gave Nicole and I a tennis lesson.
  • And we're currently addicted to Dexter. We've borrowed seasons from friends and are flying through them. We're already halfway through season two.
Sorry I was away for so long but I was out living life and taking care of people I love. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

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  1. We love Dexter!! We are behind on whatever the past couple seasons are - but we love it!!


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