August 1, 2012

Save city

With us paying for the majority of our wedding ourselves, saving to buy a house, and the trip to China we will undoubtedly take now that my sister is moving there, we're starting to cut back on things. I'd like to think that since Dave has come home I've gotten better at frivolous spending; however, I know there is so much more that I could do to help us squirrel away money.

Things I pledge to be better at:

eat breakfast at home in the morning. I may have to get up ten minutes earlier but that's not too bad in order to make a Keurig cup, and toast a bagel for the commute to work.

pack my lunch. Sounds sucky and blah but I can always make bigger dinners to bring leftovers. Plus I can make myself a lot healthier if I control what's for lunch.

cut back on weekly dinners out. Most of my social meet ups deal with food. We catch up over dinner, we meet up to try a new restaurant, or we go out for drinks and appetizers. However, that can add up if I'm constantly going out, so in order to save money I'm going to have to limit the amount of times I can go out. Unfortunately since most of my girlfriends live in VA and it's not easy to see them during the week we try to do a weekly dinner date and that gets expensive. So we'll just have to come up with some other way to meet up.

no online shopping. Since my job is customer service base when we have no customers I can be BORED since I sit all alone upfront. I promise to not even tempt myself with looking online, because looking becomes purchasing. I have no will power when it comes to boots and cardigans.

stick to my list when shopping at Target. I (and any sane person in this country) have a tendency to go a little crazy when it comes to Target. So if I do need to go there I need to make a list and adhere to only the items on the list no matter how much that tank top is calling my name or how cute that baby outfit is (we know a lot of people with babies, I can always find a person to send it to.)

Any other good tips on how to save from a self proclaimed shopaholic?

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