August 2, 2012

sippin on cola

I'm sitting at work and thinking of blog posts, except my problem is that my life is not that fascinating. While delving into what's important to me, this, sadly, is the first thing I came up with. I love cherry coke.

Who takes a random picture after a commissary trip? ME, because I needed my cherry coke fix!
So here is my argument why my cherry coke addiction isn't a problem.

I would never exotic dancer to get a cherry coke. I would simply  panhandle for a few hours on the side of the road for enough change to purchase said soda and then proceed to the closest convenient store.

I can stop anytime I want to. Except if I do that I get  major migraines and turn into a queen biatch for a few days. BUT if you're willing to put up with that and I'm willing to put up with a throbbing headache and massive irritation towards any living soul, then yes I can stop anytime.

And lastly, at least I'm not a meth addict.

While on the subject of my obvious cherry coke addiction (side note: when leaving a previous job for a better opportunity, my going away present was a 12 pack of cherry sad is it that people noticed and how sad that I was genuinely excited about the gift) I'm trying to cut back and have actually not had a cherry coke in 5 days or any soda product. In the mornings I'm drinking coffee and water for lunch.

I'm hoping soon I won't be addicted to the caffeine and can drink plain ole good for you water all day long.

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  1. I love that you made "exotic dancer" a verb. It was awesome. I love Cherry coke too...but I'm not obsessed. Sometimes I tell people about how you will drink coke in the morning and how your eyes water...they don't know how to respond to that.

    Love you! -Spaz


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