July 31, 2012

*Ittle Bittle turns 25!


Today my sister turns 25! It's crazy to me how it feels like yesterday she turned 15. I can only imagine how my parents feel. She's only 17 months younger than me but I've always felt protective of her, and you could same the same for her of me. Growing up moving around every year to two years we developed a strong bond and a close relationship. I remember being in elementary school (and having a little mean streak) and I told Katie that she wasn't my friend, she was my sister and she couldn't be both. I think she cried at that and I would have too. How cruel (sorry sister, I didn't mean it.) And how far from the truth that statement was. Without her I wouldn't have gotten through so many things. I cherish our relationship and I am so blessed to have her.

She's embarking on a journey at the end of August....
Ready? (cuz I know I'm not quite yet....but trying to get there)

She's moving to CHINA

I'm not sure how to explain what she will be doing so here it is in here own words:

"Well, long story short, after considering a variety of exciting possibilities it was soon made evident to me that the Father knew exactly where I needed to be (even if I didn't!). And so, I am thrilled to announce that on August 28th I will be moving to Baoding, China.

This was definitely not something that was on my radar even a few months ago, but everything seemed to be pointing me to this wonderful and unique opportunity to teach and build intentional relationships with Chinese college students. I feel absolutely privileged to be a part of what is going on in China and excited for the role I get to play. I will be going overseas with an organization called International English and Cultural Studies and  teaching English and building relationships with students at Hebei Finance University, running English Club there, encouraging my fellow teachers (16 of us total, 4 of us at HFU) and working alongside the national staff person and US Director.

This is a three year commitment but I will be able to come back to the states for the summers since the university will not be in session and the students are from all across China. I can’t even yet imagine what  is in store for me, my fellow teachers, my students and the city of Baoding. I’m excited to immerse myself in the culture, learn Chinese and get to know my students, hoping for  great opportunities to talk about life."
Katie, a birthday years and years ago.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, inspiring sister. I love you so much more than you know. I pray for your safety and that your presence in China does amazing things. I'm so lucky to have a sister as amazing as you and be able to call you my best friend. I know this year will be a monumental one for you. I love you.

*In college I was in a sorority and if you know anything about those God awful things you'd know there are big sisters and little sisters. Well my sorority had an annoying (and catchy) way of saying little sister...ittle bittle. And since I like annoying and catchy phrases I took it home to my real little sister. She hates when I say it and so I bring it back from time to time to annoy her.

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