July 30, 2012


Last Saturday Dave and I flew to New Hampshire to spend the week with his family at Twin Lake Village (or as they loving refer to it, TLV). I was a little nervous to go because it was a week in a cabin with his whole family and it's his favorite place in the world. Luckily I really enjoyed myself and can see us going back for years to come. 
Pines cabin
 For a vacation we were quite active. There was tennis, golf, kayaking, canoeing, golf ball retrieving, napping, reading, hiking, family games at night, and bingo. It was a bunch of fun and I am so lucky that I got to know Dave's extended family so much better.

I beat a child to win my $6.00 prize at bingo.



Halfway point, about where I wanted to give up.

Made it to the top! It was very windy up there.

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  1. I'm impressed with your hiking. And will always think of TLV as "tiny little village" I'm not sure why. Glad you guys had fun!! -Spaz


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