August 15, 2012


Today after work Dave and I are finishing packing up the car and driving down to S.C for our wedding part II...ceremony...celebration. Well whatever you're calling it we're heading there tonight! I'm hoping that we'll be able to take turns sleeping and driving so we can make it there in one straight shot, but if not we'll stop somewhere safe and break it up.

There's still a little to do once we get down there but I know my momma and mother in law will be of great help, so I'm not too worried.

Anyway, back to road trippin...
Dave and I always have so much fun when we're on the road together. We rock out to music (seriously Dave's steering wheel drumming is legendary), talk, joke, and play games. My dad made up a game when we were little that we have shared with friends and I play it every time I'm on a road trip.

The game is called 5 in 10(ok so the name's not so creative but it's fun I promise)
What you do is pick a could be ANYTHING and then the person you're quizzing has to name 5 things in that category in 10 seconds. Sounds easy enough right? You would think so, but 10 seconds is not a lot of time and my brain seems to not function correctly when I know I'm under pressure. One time I said chicken nuggets as a flavor of ice cream. See what I'm talking about.

Here is an example on how to play.

You said the category is gas stations.

Your fellow passenger can then answer: shell, sunoco, texaco, exon, 7-11 (you can either accept or not because not all 7-11's are gas stations). Up to you.

It's fun for all ages. My parents use to make it easy for us when we were little and were very lax on the 10 second time rule. But if you're with close, super smart, and competitive friends (hello Walter I'm talking about you) you may want to pull out your smart phone and time the 10 seconds. Also, with smartphones it's easy to verify answers. It makes for good memories and a lot of laughs. One of my favorite road trip memories was when my friends and I played this game on a way to a wedding....and for the record Piggly Wiggly does have their own brand of orange juice...we called to verify.

Here are some suggestions:

Flavors of ice cream
NFL Football teams with animal mascots
brands of vodka
Motel chains
department stores
famous painters
(and if they say they don’t know….remind them of the TMNT’s)
Types of trees

Hope you have fun playing this on your next road trip!

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