July 17, 2012

As a little *you made it through the year of deployment* present to myself I decided to have my little blog here get a facelift. I've changed the address from a Tumblr account back to Blogger.

With the change in blog address, and with Dave being home now the whole blog will take on a new life. I'm not sure exactly what that will look like yet but bear with me as I test drive new ideas and things. As fascinating as I'm sure you all find the ins and outs of Dave and my daily life I'm sure you'd all be interested in other things as well.

And even if you decide to not follow anymore because Dave is home and you're not worried about me (you shouldn't be now, I'm good-he's safely where he belongs), that's fine too. I need an outlet, and for me, I'm finding that writing works for me.
Here's to new beginnings, more adventures, and whatever else may come.

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  1. The blog's lookin' friggin' sweet!!!


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