May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY...To two amazing women. I'm lucky to not only have the best Mom in the world but the greatest Mother-In-Law.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for being the best example of a friend, wife, and mom to me and Katie. I wouldn't be who I am today without you. Thank you for all your love and support over all the years and for being my "number one fan". You are a remarkable woman and I strive to be like you each and every day. You've got the warmest heart and I can always count on you. I love you so very much.

Thank you for being the best mom to my husband. Because of you I have the most amazing man. You taught him to be kind, gentle, and generous and it's because you are those things as well. I'm blessed to have you in my life and am excited for all the years to come that we'll grow closer. I love you.

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