May 14, 2012


Saturday, Nicole and I went skydiving! It was such an amazing experience and definitely something I would do again. I wasn't really nervous until we got up in the plane (you'll understand why when you see the plane) and started to get all hooked up to jump. I started shaking and was thinking that I was crazy and not the adventurous type at all, and then Nicole jumped out the plane. My instructor then started telling me to make my way to the door.

{Practicing my exit technique}
I sat on the edge of the door and the wind was whipping by and he told me to put my feet on the little step out the door. It was hard to get my feet to cooperate and not fly in the wind but I got them on the step and then he pushed my head to his chest, told me to cross my arms and off we went. It was the most amazing sensation and once we were out and I opened my eyes (I tend to close them when I'm scared-didn't help me with rebounds in freshman jv basketball) and he pulled the chord and the parachute opened I was calm and able to enjoy every moment.

{All geared up and ready to go with Nicole!}

{Our tiny, tiny  plane. Just enough space for the four of us and the pilot}

{Coming in for the landing}
It really was unreal. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to fly or tried to as a child this is the closest you'll ever get. It was an amazing experience and I'm so very glad I went.

{After the jump!}
Thanks Nicole for keeping me calm and for such a great day! And Jason the pictures are amazing thanks for coming with us and enduring the long wait.

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